Lisa Kenna - creator of the Platinum Seamless Hair Extension system


Great Hair, Inc. was founded by Lisa Kenna in 2005.  Lisa is the developer of the most innovative Hair Extension System "Platinum Seamless".

It is said: "Necessity is the mother of all invention" and Lisa was inspired by her own experiences, and personal need to develop a better hair extension product.

Having naturally thin, fine hair, Lisa always wanted to have thicker, fuller, longer and more beautiful locks, but was ultimately disappointed with all the various ineffective hair products on the market. This prompted the decision to try hair extensions for her desired result. After spending over eight hours at the salon and thousands of dollars, she finally emerged with longer, fuller, and more beautiful hair for the first and only time in her life. Here again, Lisa was disenchanted by the entire process it took to achieve her desired look. Additionally, she did not like the uncomfortable feeling of hundreds of "plastic beads" in her hair... That was NOT a good thing! Not to mention the broken promise of no damage to her natural hair. This actually resulted in much of her natural hair eventually being broken off. So much for salon promises.

And so her journey to create a customized hair extension that you could not feel, could not see, did not damage the hair, and did not take hours to apply began. Yes, necessity is the mother of all invention; as is Lisa's passion for excellence and what drove her to revolutionary innovation.

Lisa's quest for a superior product based on her personal experience led her to research all available product technology. She knew there had to be a better way to achieve the quality she believed would be the ultimate hair extension system. Determined, she set out to create her own hair extension system that could also provide the same high quality, safe individualized results for every woman.


Lisa's innovative approach virtually prevents natural hair damage, because it is a system designed to meet the unique needs of the individual. This approach is revolutionary. She believes that each person's needs are unique, and require an attachment method that is right for their individual hair type, condition, and lifestyle. Certification from her company is required before a hairstylist can sell and apply this hair extension system.

Customer satisfaction is paramount, and certification guarantees the highest quality results in the industry. Platinum Seamless has evolved as a hair extension system in a category of its own. The adhesive gel attachment is the thinnest, softest, and most comfortable attachment made. It is essentially invisible to see and to touch, looking and feeling completely natural. And of course, the quality of the hair is superior. It is available in over 60 colors, including solid, highlighted, blended, ombré, and fashion colors, in both straight and body wave styles.

The search for superior hair extensions is over!